The Process of ADA Pool Chair Installations

Many Florida homeowners have pools that they have difficulty entering. However, hot tubs present similar problems posed by pools. We can adapt our ADA pool chair installation to fit your hot tubs needs. Pool lifts can provide much easier access to the many health benefits offered by hot tubs.

Pool Lifts for Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are not only luxurious but are also therapeutic. There are several key benefits provided that range from restfulness to pain management. With these in mind, why risk harming yourself entering and exiting? Here are the reasons you need a lift for your hot tub.

Lowers Risk of Injury

Much like pools, hot tubs can be therapeutic. The warm water of your hot tub is known to be a pain reliever and muscles relaxer. If the goal pain relief, adding a lift, you can ensure a safe and pain-free soaking experience. Along with pain relief, hot tubs provide health benefits such as better sleep, stress relief, improved cardiovascular health, and many others.

As inconspicuous of a place as it may seem, many people become injured around their hot tubs. In the 18 years between 1990-2007, north of 80,000 people were injured with many of those injuries happening at home.

While not all were from entering and existing, those two are primary reasons for harm to occur. By having a pool lift installed, you can prevent slips, trips, and falls before they have a chance to happen.


Having an ADA pool chair lift installed for either your hot tub or pool is a very quick process. We have a well-maintained inventory to provide as fast as next-day delivery. Once delivered, our efficient technicians will have it ready for use in less than three hours!

Interested in an ADA Pool Chair Installation?

Whether it’s for the tub or the pool, we have the right lift for your needs! Despite our vast inventory, we can do special orders if needed. Contact us to schedule your pool lift delivery!

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