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What to Look Out for When Buying Swimming Pool Lift Chairs

What about pool lifts do you need to know? Swimming pool lift chairs have been developed for safe and easy operation. Some types may be operated independently with hand-held controllers, and some might have solar-powered accessories. 

That said, the majority of the lifts advised are operated with the help of another person. Proper installation and installation of portable and stationary pool lifts might seem difficult, so we propose expert support. 

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Features That Should Be Considered While Selecting Lift Chairs 

Support For Disability: Moderate Or Serious? 

All pool lifts provide temporary help to and from the swimming pool. Additional support devices such as head or footrests may not be essential for those with modest impairments such as arthritis or weaker lower bodies to enter or leave. 

This means that many pool lifts are intended for individuals who do not have a complete range of movement and who cannot control their limbs fully. These people would have a lift chair with a back, armrests, support for the neck and leg, and a safe strapping system. 

Capacity For Weight: Standard or Bariatric? 

All pool lifts are compatible with ADA, however, some of the suggestions are for usage in bariatric applications of up to 450 pounds. 

Location Installation: Movable or Fixed? 

While a resource in public pools is regularly used, some customers may choose a pool lift that is not permanently installed. These persons typically opt to move and store lifts when not in use. 

Others want a device that can be put at one additional point once and utilized at any time – no extra installation or conveyance is necessary. 

Visual Style: Subtle or Advanced? 

Swimming pool lift chairs come in a range of forms and many provide elegant, attractive, low-profile lifts that will not make your pool deck more peaceful. Other pool lifts occupy a little more room by nature. 

Details of the design, including rotating systems and the lift fixture, all contribute to the esthetics of your pool lift. For people who want more help with a lift, consider extra features as they are visibly translated. 

Source of Power: Manual, Hydraulic, or Battery? 

There are three alternatives to determine the source of power that operates your pool lift: manually hand-cranked, hydraulic, and battery-operated. 

Portable pool lifts, thanks to their self-contained construction, are powered by batteries and recharge between uses when connected to a power source. 

Permanent lifts can be powered by hydraulics or batteries, with few operations using manual strength in full.  

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Looking to Buy Swimming Pool Lift Chairs? 

All swimming pool lift chairs feature long-lasting seats. Some are built of robust mesh and others of solid plastic. Different versions with headrests, footrests, armrests, and cushioned lumbar backrests are easy to customize. 

The variety of the lift is governed largely by the lift arm. The lift arm can transport you from the platform into the pool while you are sitting in the sling or modular seat. 

When selecting the one that is suitable for you, it is important to examine the weight capacity of different types of pool lifts because they are quite varied. 

Head on over to Pool Lift Specialists and purchase high-quality pool lift chairs. Visit us today

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How to Find a Reliable Pool Lift Specialist

Finding a reliable pool lift specialist who can install an Aqua Creek pool lift can be a little tricky. There are a lot of contractors in your area that might offer great services but give you less promising results. 

For that reason, having the best team working on your pool lift installation is the best way to go. If you need some help in finding a reliable pool lift specialist, then we’ve got you covered.

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Tips for Finding a Reliable Pool Lift Specialist

Before hiring a pool lift specialist, it’s important to do your research, so they aren’t any unexpected hitches in the process of installing your pool lift. 

But looking for a reliable contractor can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here are some useful tips you can add to your checklist before hiring someone to do the job for you.

Know What Type of Pool Lift You Need

Pool lifts are great for people who can’t get in and out of the pool on their own. They are also perfect for people with disabilities. Depending on an individual’s specific needs, there are different types of pool lifts available to suit their needs. 

Knowing what type you need is essential to get the right model and avoid mistakes that could lead to inconveniences or injuries.

In-ground pool lifts are devices that allow people to get in and out of the pool without having to climb steps or use a ladder, which is perfect for public pools or hotels.

There are two types of pool lift systems: hydraulic lifts and electric lifts. The hydraulic is more powerful but requires a hole dug into the ground. The electric option has less power, but it can be installed on any surface without digging the hole.

There are many benefits to using these in-ground pool lifts, such as easier accessibility, safer and less expensive installation, ADA compliance, and energy efficiency.

Do a Thorough Search for Qualified Professionals Near You

When you’ve identified what type of pool lift you need for your pool, then it’s time to look for qualified contractors in your area that have the right licenses and certifications for the job.

It’s also important to check if they have valid insurances to ensure that you will be protected from liabilities. The insurance works both ways. It also protects the workers from any liabilities or accidents that might occur while working on the job.

It’s also a great idea to check for testimonials and referrals. This can help you assess if they do a great job in the services they offer. The best people to ask about your potential contractors are the people who have been their clients from previous jobs.

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Do You Need an Aqua Creek Pool Lift Installed?

If you need an Aqua Creek pool lift to be installed in your establishment’s pool, then contact the Pool Lift Specialists to get the best pool lift products and installation services. We are ADA compliant so, you can rest assured that your pool lifts are safe!

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Why Pools Need to be ADA Compliant

Swimming is a great way to improve your health, relieve stress, and have fun. Imagine that you are looking forward to relaxing by the pool on your vacation and have even chosen a hotel based on its water features but can’t safely access it. Many people need assistance getting in and out of a pool as the stairs or depth can be too dangerous. For that reason, an ADA compliant pool lift is necessary.

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Department of Justice issued new requirements for owners of public pools and spas in 2010, which was great news for accessibility supporters.

The ADA sets certain rules for public swimming pools to guarantee that they are accessible to everyone. These regulations apply to newly constructed swimming pools, wading pools, and spas, as well as existing pools that must meet specified criteria.

Hotel owners and others with public water amenities are required to provide accessible entry and exit points for people with disabilities, according to the regulations. Extensions until early 2013 were granted to some property owners, giving them more time to comply.

To achieve accessible entries and exits, hotels can install an ADA-compliant pool lift or build sloped entries into their pools and spas. To be compliant, these lifts must meet certain requirements, such as clear floor space, seat width, and load capacity.

To ensure that your facility conforms, review the requirements overview below.

Program Accessibility

The ADA highlights the significance of equal access by requiring that facilities provide activities that are open and accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. This necessitates accommodating activities such as pool-related special events, swimming classes, and open swim periods.

Programs that need certain physical or mental demands by nature, or when the financial and administrative costs needed to change a program are too large, are exceptions to this rule.

Barrier Removals

Pool lifts and entrances can be added to ensure that everyone has equitable access, and they are required to be fixed to a surface. The ADA’s Title III mandates that certain accommodations be installed unless doing so would be prohibitively difficult or costly.

Accessibility Maintenance

Simply having accessibility devices at a pool isn’t enough. During all open pool hours, the equipment must be maintained and accessible to all individuals.

It would be a violation to prohibit the use of a pool lift to specific hours of the day. Those who need them should have the same access to the pool as their non-disabled peers.

Make sure that your criteria for frequent, high-quality maintenance are the same for both normal equipment and equipment for those with disabilities.

Staff Training

Pool personnel and employees must be sufficiently trained to help in their operation. This includes using an ADA-compliant pool lift and other accessibility equipment, as well as being aware of any special safety precautions.

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Looking for an ADA Compliant Pool Lift?

Pool Lift Specialists offers high-quality products that can be used by establishments to better serve people with disabilities. If you need pool lifts, contact us today.

Pool Lift Installation Jacksonville

What to Do After a Pool Lift Installation in Jacksonville

With the rise of pool chair lifts in the backyards of your neighbors, you may be wondering how their two-year-old unit looks brand new. While they don’t require constant maintenance, taking periodic preventative measures ensures that your unit can weather even the toughest of storms.

Maintaining Pool Lifts

We’ve compiled these tips and tricks over our many years of service. We’ve seen how weather can affect and degrade units, especially the impact of salt and sunshine. Make sure to keep up with these practices to extend the life of your new lift.

Keep Lifts Clean

With freshwater (not salt or chlorinated), you’ll want to rinse off the lift after each use. We have learned that chlorine can eat away at the surface of the lifts, as well as discolor the seat. Make sure you do this after each use for the best results.

Select one day a month for light cleaning. Having a dedicated date helps to remind you that cleaning is needed. Only use mild soap, as other chemicals may be harmful. Along with this, once a year, the unit should be waxed, especially in the harsh environment of parts of Florida.

Don’t forget about rust removal. You must remove all rust from the unit when it eventually forms. This is especially true for those with saltwater pools or who live near the ocean. Ocean salt isn’t confined to the sea as it’s airborne as well. Whether it’s salty air or salty water, it can rust your unit, so be sure to apply anti-rust countermeasures to your cleaning habits.

Battery Checks

As with all battery-powered devices, make sure to keep the battery charged. Limit the number of times you let the battery deplete entirely. We advise you to apply battery grease to the terminals of your lift monthly.

Appropriate Cover

For those that do not have a mobile unit, we implore you to keep it covered when not in use. This keeps rain and sun off the units as well as blocks debris from blowing inside of them. Those of you with a mobile lift either cover it as well or, if possible, wheel it into your garage or shed.

Ready for a Pool Lift Installation in Jacksonville?

Now that you know how to care for your lift, you’re ready to purchase one. With our wide variety of choices, we are confident that you will find one that suits your needs. Contact us today to enquire on the soonest we can deliver!

Pool Lift Installation St. Augustine

Pool Lifts Installation in St. Augustine

Chronic pain stemming from particular medical conditions can be alleviated by aquatic therapy. However, getting into the pool is challenging for some. Would a pool lift installation benefit your St. Augustine home?

What’s Aqua Therapy?

This is a water-based alternative to traditional forms of exercising but offers protection from pain caused by gravity. The Earth’s gravitational pull applies constant pressure on muscles, telling them how strong they need to be. However, this pressure on compromised joints can make exercise painful.

For the same reasons, it can be hard entering and exiting a pool. Pool chair lifts not only make pool time possible but makes exercising more easily accessible for those suffering from several conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Knee, ankle, and foot injuries
  • Musculoskeletal disease

Another way water therapy helps is by improving balance. Water increases our buoyancy which alleviates stress from your knees, feet, and hips. As much as 75% of the stress you would have on land is negated by being in waist-chest deep water. Lastly, there is little risk of injury, allowing for more elaborate exercises.

How Pool Lifts Make a Difference

While pools are a place for fun and games, getting in and out can be a challenge. The ease of access provided by ADA-compliant pool lifts is unparalleled and allows everyone the ability to partake in the festivities. However, for the following reasons, pool chair lifts can make pool activities safer.

Injury Prevention

Poolside slips and falls can injure those in peak health and those with preexisting conditions, which often get hurt even worse. Arthritic knees are prone to buckling under the stress of taking steps, and slippery surfaces further complicate it.

Furthermore, arthritis pain can make entering and exiting a bother. Arthritis degenerates cartilage in the joints until the cushioning it provides is completely worn away. None or negligent amounts of cartilage leads to bone on bone scrapping, which is the source of arthritic pain, especially in knees where more is demanded of them than other joints.

Pool lifts offer a safe and painless alternative to getting in and out. Instead of climbing down a ladder or treading wet steps, simply sit down. Our mechanized lifts will lower you into the water as well as lift you out. You won’t have to stress your joints any longer!

Schedule Your Pool Lift Installation in St. Augustine!

If you live with pain that makes enjoying your beautiful pool difficult, delay no longer and contact us today for a life of ease! You’ll have the safest pool in the neighborhood that everyone could enjoy.

Pool Lift Installation Orlando

Pool Lift Installation in Orlando

We provide pool lift installation in Orlando, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and many other cities throughout Florida. However, you may have several questions on the installation process and if you need your pool lift permanently installed.

Do All Pool Lifts Need Installation?

We offer many variations of the three main types of lifts. The three classifications we offer are fixed-anchored, semi-fixed anchored, and mobile pool chair lifts. Of these, not all require installation.

Lifts that Need to Be Permanently Anchored

Unless the lift in question has wheels, it will need to be installed. The vast majority of ADA-compliant lifts are fixed-anchored. While these tend to be the most cost-effective, they have their pitfalls.

We also offer what’s known as semi-fixed lifts. These are a hybrid of sorts, as they combine the mobility of truly mobile units and the supreme confidence in safety provided by fixed units. This by no means implies portable lifts aren’t safe, but they can be if they’re operated without the wheel locks engaged.

Semi-fixed pool lifts, while their bases permanently mount to the deck, the rest of the unit can be transported away. This allows for the unit to be brought indoors to protect it while not in use. Sunlight, rain, and debris may wear out the unit over time. We recommend mobile units for those who are nervous about having theirs remain out 24/7.

Installation Free Pool Lifts

Lastly, our truly mobile lifts require no installation. If you have a tight backyard, sporadic need, or want to reduce clutter in your yard, these are for you. Simply push the unit out of the way when it isn’t in use.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Between ordering and installation, it can take as little as two days. We maintain quantities of our most popularly asked for lifts and typically deliver the next day if our schedule allows it. Once we start the installation, our techs can have it done in less than three hours most of the time. There’s no need to block off an entire day.

Need a Pool Lift Installation in Orlando?

We have 25 years of experience helping folks like you with pool lifts across Florida. If you have a hard time with getting in and out of your pool, you no longer have to struggle. For a quick, painless installation and delivery, contact us today!

Spa Lift

ADA Compliant & Easy-to-Use Spa Lift

If you’re considering a personal spa lift, you’re looking for an easier time getting in and out of your spa. Whether it be age, health, or other reasons, getting into your pool or spa can be a pain. This is why we’re happy to offer those in need an ADA Compliant & Easy-to-Use Spa Lift!

Easy to Use Lifts

No matter the spa lift, its goal is to make getting in and out easier and safer. We have many lifts that allow for solo use, while others need a helper. Depending on your needs, we can even custom order one if that would be a better fit for your needs.

Models such as the Aqua Creek Mighty 400 are great choices for those with gripping difficulties. These are incredibly convenient for those with arthritis, tendonitis, and multiple sclerosis. While not limited to those conditions, any upper body ability would benefit from these to use models.

Lifting and lowering with a push of a button. No longer tread steps; instead, you need to have a seat and use the controller. The corded remote of this model is long enough to allow for easy use while fully submerged.

Other options such as the Aqua Creek EZ 2 sport a crank handle that must be rotated to operate the lift. These don’t allow for solo use but could be the more affordable option. Despite the downfall, they are still great for spas, pools, and hot tubs.

Looking for an ADA Compliant & Easy-to-Use Spa Lift?

If you need help ordering your first pool lift or have any questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you decide on which lift is best for your situation.

pool lifts for disabled

Disabilities and Pool Safety

Pools can be a danger zone for those who live with a disability. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mental or physical – both camps are at risk poolside. This is the reason why pool lifts are so helpful. Pool lifts for disabled or older adults can significantly decrease accidents that can end in serious injuries.

pool lifts for disabled

How Disabled People are at Risk Near Water

The ladder and the stairs are familiar places for poolside injury. Manually assisting a person in and out of a pool is not only challenging, but potentially an accident waiting to happen. Let’s take a look at the challenges that mental and physical disabilities pose when poolside.

Mentally Disabled

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of fatality in autistic children? Putting that into perspective, only car crashes claim more lives of those who are 14 years old or less. These numbers equate to roughly ten deaths a day.

Depending on the level of limitation stemming from the disability, the level of care varies. For extreme cases, practice ultimate safety measures. However, a common rule of thumb for all disabled people is to use pool lifts. They truly take make the fun in the sun much more convenient and enjoyable for disabled people and their families.

Physically Disabled

While physically disabled people are sometimes a bit easier to assist, the use of a pool lift makes everything a lot simpler. This is extremely helpful when enjoying a fun day out by the water. The biggest concern here is slips and falls, which could prove to cause very serious injuries. When there are numerous people around at community aquatics facilities or other public places, the chances for accidents drastically increase.

Again, a pool lift could quite literally be a party saver in these situations. Depending on the disability, getting in the pool could be very uncomfortable, to say the absolute least. Trying to balance while being supported by only one person on a slippery step can be avoided and more than likely should be.

Why Do I Need a Pool Lift?

It is highly recommended for anyone living with a disabled person to use a pool lift. This is truly a solution that doesn’t create a headache when trying to safely maneuver around the pool, including entering and exiting one.

Installation is quick and easy. It is typically over in under three hours. If you opt for the mobile chair lift, then you can expect an even shorter installation window. No matter what option ends up being best for you, you will not regret the perks of owning one. Pool days will never be the same again.

pool lifts for disabled

Interested to Learn More About Pool Lifts for the Disabled?

Safety is priority one at Pool Lift Specialists. We want nothing more than for disabled people and their families to enjoy a safe, hassle-free day in the pool, soaking up the sun. That’s why we try to provide the best solution to turn that into a reality. For more information on pool lifts, please contact us today.

Pool Chair Lift

The Ins and Outs of ADA Compliant Pool Chair Lifts

It feels like a pool should be a requirement if you live in Florida. Florida heat is no joke, and given how it feels like summer every day, pools are becoming very popular. Summer pool time is a place for lemonade, iced tea, and an all-around good time. Those who are elderly or are wheelchair users are particularly at risk around water and would benefit from pool chair lifts.

Check out Pool Lift Specialists today to see if they are the right fit for you or your loved ones.

Pool Chair Lift

Common Poolside Injuries

The most common type of injury is a slip and fall. This is primarily associated with younger ages roughhousing, but the elderly are also prone to falls around entry points such as steps or ladders. This is for the same reason why walk-through tubs are growing in popularity; ease of access is growing ever more critical with age.

Slipping and falling near a pool usually involves your body forcefully connecting with a hard surface. Younger people have a better chance of bouncing back up, whereas the elderly could become stuck on the ground in pain or, worse, end up in the pool after taking a tumble.

Slips and falls of this nature have a strong chance of inducing concussions and, in some cases, broken bones. Either of these ailments could ruin a pool day and necessitate medical attention. They are also avoidable, either by using caution or by operating a pool chair lift safely.

Are Pool Chair Lifts Helpful?

Like an assistance device aimed at helping the elderly out of beds, a machine does the same for pools. Pool chair lifts are mechanical chairs with an arm that allows for smoothly entering and exiting pools.

They’re straightforward to use as well. Once the chair is installed, it is ready to assist. Simply assist the person to the chair, have them sit, and presto, the chair does the rest.

Pool chair lifts are a significant investment as they not only supply pool days for those who need assistance, but they provide peace of mind for the entire family. With a lift, you’ll never have to worry about potential injuries anymore.

Pool Chair Lift Installation Process


Anchor installation involves anchoring the base of the lift to the concrete pool deck with bolts, epoxy, and anchoring cement. Once secured to the deck, the rest of the lift is mounted. Our qualified technicians take pride and making sure that what they install operates safely each time it’s used.

Portable Lift

Portable lifts are convenient for several reasons; faster installation, mobility, and they don’t require drilling into concrete. These are especially handy if you don’t need the lift each time you want to swim or if you have a particular event planned where it isn’t required.

Pool Chair Lift

Thinking a Pool Chair Lift is For You?

Having a pool chair lift poolside allows you to share a day of fun in the sun with any and everyone. Pool safety is paramount, which is the reason why we do what we do. We take pride in offering quality products that will genuinely benefit your family or business. For more information on getting started, contact us today!