General questions

Pool lift specialists hold stock on our 2 most widely used lifts and we can have next day delivery and installation if our schedule allows it.

We need a minimum of 42inches of water depth to operate correctly.  Deeper water will leave you too high off the bottom of the pool so most lifts are placed in the shallow ends of the pool.

We recommend a perimeter of 5 feet around the lift chair in order to facilitate a safe transfer to the pool lift.

Yes, as the Scout is a full 360 degree rotational lift.  The Ranger at installation can be assembled with either a left or right side entry at installation.

Pool Lift Specialists stock the most common replacement parts for our lifts so you can call in or contact us on line and give us the serial number we can process your claim immediately.

To charge your Aqua Creek pool lift battery, be sure that the lift is in the fully upright position and that the pool or spa is not currently occupied and will remain closed. An extra battery is a great way to make sure your pool lift remains in operation all the time. Be sure the battery charger is securely mounted to the wall and plugged in. Place the Aqua Creek battery on the charger so that you hear a click as the battery locks onto the charger’s bracket. Battery should charge in 12-24 hours.

The Aqua Creek battery will last a days use, depending on usage, lift operation on a single battery charge may vary. A new battery should last approximately 20-25 cycles.

To get the best charge, charge for 24 hours. We also recommend that the battery is kept on charger whenever not in use.

First, try charging battery for 24 hours. Second, test voltage on battery with a voltmeter and make sure it has at least 24 volts. Third, make sure contact points on the battery are clean and free of rust. Clean with rubbing alcohol and 3M Scotch pad if necessary. Apply dialectic grease to contact points to increase connectivity. When connecting the battery to the control box, make sure that you hear a click sound to be sure the contact points are completely connected. If there is a gap between the battery and control box, it may not have proper the proper contact needed to operate. If that fails, contact us directly for assistance,

Remove the remote from the control box, give it 15 seconds, reconnect it and make sure that it is pushed in all the way.

Follow directions included with the installation manual. If you don’t have one, you can find it here on our website with the associated product. Or feel free to contact us

Basic maintenance includes washing lift with fresh water and wiping with terry or microfiber cloth, checking visible bolts for tightness, and keeping battery on charger when not in use.

Before use, it’s imperative that the tank is either filled with sand, or you have the concrete plates inside. Otherwise the lift won’t be properly counterweighted. You will also want to make sure that the brake foot is down to ensure stability. Before use, make sure the lift has been deployed down from the cart tray and the bottom is securely on the pool deck.

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