The Best Handicap Pool Lifts

Pool lifts vary depending on many factors, such as your requirements, portability, and style you want. However, sometimes it may be hard to know what you need, with so many options available. Regardless of your needs, we have the best handicap pool lift for you!

What Does ADA Mean?

Standing for The Americans with Disabilities Act, they require public (Title II) and (Title III) private entities to provide accessible means of entry for swimming pools. Private in this case refers to a business that privately owns the pool, not the pool in a private citizen’s backyard.

Our Pool Lifts

Regardless of the lift you choose, they all have the same overarching goal of safely getting you in and out. This is achieved through several design elements as well as how it performs. The six components of our ADA lifts are:


  • At least 300 lbs lifting capacity
  • 16in wide solid seat
  • Includes footrests
  • Allows the unaided user easy operation from the deck and water
  • It doesn’t require grip strength or force of 5 lbs
  • The seats are submergible up to 18in below water surface

Spectrum Glacier Platform Lift WP 600

This is the best choice for wheelchair users or those that have a lot of wheelchair visitors. These sit inside your in-ground pool and have a lift platform akin to other floor-mounted lifts. With a 600 Ib capacity, it will safely maneuver you and your wheelchair in and out of the pool. Lastly, this model comes equipped with safety gates which ensures that you can’t go ever the edge.

Aqua Creek Mighty Voyager Lift

This is our premier option for portable lifts. While maintaining ADA compliance, feel free to move this away from the pool whenever needed. For instances where the use is frequent yet not daily, these are ideal. Even if you’re a daily user, these can declutter the poolside area if your space is tight.

Spectrum Elkhorn Manual Lift MP 400

0comforts of other models. These aren’t powered like other choices. Instead, it is crank-operated. These lack the firm seats in the other models as well as having no footrest. However, it is still a solid choice to make pool days safer.

Looking for the Best Handicap Pool Lift?

We have been making pools more accessible for over 25 years and back our products with a 5-year warranty. If our offerings aren’t suitable for your needs for some reason, we will be happy to special order one for you! Contact us today to set up delivery!

Our Mission Statement​

To enhance the lives of individuals of all abilities by giving them access to water for recreation, fitness and therapy.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to improve the life styles of individuals with all abilities by making water activities accessible to all.