How Much Does a Pool Lift Installation Cost in Orlando?

Many establishments are now finding ways to cater to people with disabilities while still allowing them to enjoy using the pool. If you’re interested in learning more about the pool lift installation in Orlando, we’ve got you covered. 

The ADA requires establishments to have a pool lift installed if intended for public use. There are many kinds of facilities that use pool lifts–public pools, wading pools, and spas, for example. 

Not all are required to comply with pool lift installations. However, it is quite convenient to have whenever elderly adults, pregnant women, or those with disabilities want to use the pool for fun without being left out. If you do decide to install one, you have a lot to consider. 

pool that needs pool lift installation orlando

Pool Considerations 

Those who run existing public and “to be constructed” pools have many things to consider. Government departments may urge the necessity for a pool lift installation for practicality and convenience for those that need it.  

Below are a few things that one should consider before installing a pool lift: 

Entrance and Exits of a Pool for the Elderly, Pregnant, and Persons with Disabilities 

Entrances and exits for pools should be established when you have a plan for initial installation. It is one of the things you should consider for the convenience of the user. Knowing the entrance and exit for those that need the pool lift, there will be less confusion. 

Having a designated area for people with disabilities will help in making sure that the users don’t get bothered because the area is for them to use. This will also avoid any accidents when using a pool lift. 

The Pool Area 

A pool lift needs enough space to not hinder any passersby. The pool area should also have designated spaces that are easier to access for those who need the pool lift. Areas should also be big enough for a pool lift. 

Pool lifts can be used in small areas, but the size of the pool should still be able to accommodate a pool lift. The size of the pool is necessary because you have to accommodate many people and those that use the pool lifts. 

The depth of the pool lift should also be considered when installing. It is necessary that the depth is considered because the depth of the pool may not be suitable for those that are with disabilities, and it keeps them away from danger.  

Pool Lift and Installation Costs 

Expenses and budget are necessary when considering the pool lifts and installations. A rough estimate of pool lift cost would depend on what model you decide to use.  

A pool lift price can range from $2000 to $14,000, depending on the model and the type of pool lift.  

Knowing the costs of pool lifts and pool lift installation is necessary to research that one should do. The costs will determine how many you can buy and for what facility you will equip, such as wading pools and spas. 

Pool lifts and installation can be costly, and there are many things to consider. There are penalties that would reach as high as $87,000 when not complying with the requirements and urges of installing a pool lift. 

pool that needs pool lift installation orlando

Need a Pool Lift Installation in Orlando? 

Installing a pool lift can be expensive but not as costly as paying for the fines for not complying with the guidelines set by the ADA. If you need a pool lift installation in Orlando, call Pool Lift Specialists.  

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