Lift Chair Mechanism Installation 101

When deciding on a pool lift, it may be daunting when it comes time to pick yours. They’re an investment, making it crucial for you to choose the correct model for your needs. However, another thing to consider is the lift chair mechanism installation.

Fixed-Anchored Vs. Non-Fixed Pool Chair Lifts

While both fixed and portable lifts will get the job done, you’ll have to consider their pros and cons. In the case of a wheelchair, though, you are limited to just one lift that will maneuver you while in the mobility device.

Fixed-Anchored Lifts

These are permanently mounted to the concrete deck at the edge of the pool. However, these are the most heavily damaged type by inclement weather as they can’t be removed. Unfortunately, the sun, rain, and other debris could, over time, adversely affect the operation of the unit.

Mobile Lifts

Units such as the Mighty Voyager or Portable Pro 2 are good options for portable lifts. These pack all the strength that fixed lifts boast, as well as the ease of mobility. These can be easily wheeled to and from the pool when weather, use, or other factors determine if you need it out or not.


Sunlight is no joke; much like how it can damage your vehicle, it can also damage lifts after years of exposure. Whether it be high winds or sun, wheel your lift to safety to ensure the longest life span possible.

Semi-Fixed Lifts

This combines the qualities of both fixed and mobile to make a hybrid offering. While these require fixed mounting, only the base is fixed to the deck; the rest can be quickly detached and carried away.


One such option is the Aqua Creek Power EZ 2. This model has a lift capacity of up to 400 pounds and is mobile enough to take from the pool to the hot tub with no difficulties. All you need are two docks, and you can move your lift to wherever you need to when you need it.

Lift Chair Mechanism Installation

Whether you are interested in a fixed or semi-fixed pool lift, we offer expert installation to ensure it is as safe as we intend. The worst thing that you can have is an improperly installed lift, as that spells injuries and accidents waiting to happen. Contact us today to set up a delivery time!

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