Pool Chair Lift

The Ins and Outs of ADA Compliant Pool Chair Lifts

It feels like a pool should be a requirement if you live in Florida. Florida heat is no joke, and given how it feels like summer every day, pools are becoming very popular. Summer pool time is a place for lemonade, iced tea, and an all-around good time. Those who are elderly or are wheelchair users are particularly at risk around water and would benefit from pool chair lifts.

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Pool Chair Lift

Common Poolside Injuries

The most common type of injury is a slip and fall. This is primarily associated with younger ages roughhousing, but the elderly are also prone to falls around entry points such as steps or ladders. This is for the same reason why walk-through tubs are growing in popularity; ease of access is growing ever more critical with age.

Slipping and falling near a pool usually involves your body forcefully connecting with a hard surface. Younger people have a better chance of bouncing back up, whereas the elderly could become stuck on the ground in pain or, worse, end up in the pool after taking a tumble.

Slips and falls of this nature have a strong chance of inducing concussions and, in some cases, broken bones. Either of these ailments could ruin a pool day and necessitate medical attention. They are also avoidable, either by using caution or by operating a pool chair lift safely.

Are Pool Chair Lifts Helpful?

Like an assistance device aimed at helping the elderly out of beds, a machine does the same for pools. Pool chair lifts are mechanical chairs with an arm that allows for smoothly entering and exiting pools.

They’re straightforward to use as well. Once the chair is installed, it is ready to assist. Simply assist the person to the chair, have them sit, and presto, the chair does the rest.

Pool chair lifts are a significant investment as they not only supply pool days for those who need assistance, but they provide peace of mind for the entire family. With a lift, you’ll never have to worry about potential injuries anymore.

Pool Chair Lift Installation Process


Anchor installation involves anchoring the base of the lift to the concrete pool deck with bolts, epoxy, and anchoring cement. Once secured to the deck, the rest of the lift is mounted. Our qualified technicians take pride and making sure that what they install operates safely each time it’s used.

Portable Lift

Portable lifts are convenient for several reasons; faster installation, mobility, and they don’t require drilling into concrete. These are especially handy if you don’t need the lift each time you want to swim or if you have a particular event planned where it isn’t required.

Pool Chair Lift

Thinking a Pool Chair Lift is For You?

Having a pool chair lift poolside allows you to share a day of fun in the sun with any and everyone. Pool safety is paramount, which is the reason why we do what we do. We take pride in offering quality products that will genuinely benefit your family or business. For more information on getting started, contact us today!