What to Do After a Pool Lift Installation in Jacksonville

With the rise of pool chair lifts in the backyards of your neighbors, you may be wondering how their two-year-old unit looks brand new. While they don’t require constant maintenance, taking periodic preventative measures ensures that your unit can weather even the toughest of storms.

Maintaining Pool Lifts

We’ve compiled these tips and tricks over our many years of service. We’ve seen how weather can affect and degrade units, especially the impact of salt and sunshine. Make sure to keep up with these practices to extend the life of your new lift.

Keep Lifts Clean

With freshwater (not salt or chlorinated), you’ll want to rinse off the lift after each use. We have learned that chlorine can eat away at the surface of the lifts, as well as discolor the seat. Make sure you do this after each use for the best results.


Select one day a month for light cleaning. Having a dedicated date helps to remind you that cleaning is needed. Only use mild soap, as other chemicals may be harmful. Along with this, once a year, the unit should be waxed, especially in the harsh environment of parts of Florida.


Don’t forget about rust removal. You must remove all rust from the unit when it eventually forms. This is especially true for those with saltwater pools or who live near the ocean. Ocean salt isn’t confined to the sea as it’s airborne as well. Whether it’s salty air or salty water, it can rust your unit, so be sure to apply anti-rust countermeasures to your cleaning habits.

Battery Checks

As with all battery-powered devices, make sure to keep the battery charged. Limit the number of times you let the battery deplete entirely. We advise you to apply battery grease to the terminals of your lift monthly.

Appropriate Cover

For those that do not have a mobile unit, we implore you to keep it covered when not in use. This keeps rain and sun off the units as well as blocks debris from blowing inside of them. Those of you with a mobile lift either cover it as well or, if possible, wheel it into your garage or shed.

Ready for a Pool Lift Installation in Jacksonville?

Now that you know how to care for your lift, you’re ready to purchase one. With our wide variety of choices, we are confident that you will find one that suits your needs. Contact us today to enquire on the soonest we can deliver!

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