Pool Lift Installation Orlando

Pool Lift Installation in Orlando

We provide pool lift installation in Orlando, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and many other cities throughout Florida. However, you may have several questions on the installation process and if you need your pool lift permanently installed.

Do All Pool Lifts Need Installation?

We offer many variations of the three main types of lifts. The three classifications we offer are fixed-anchored, semi-fixed anchored, and mobile pool chair lifts. Of these, not all require installation.

Lifts that Need to Be Permanently Anchored

Unless the lift in question has wheels, it will need to be installed. The vast majority of ADA-compliant lifts are fixed-anchored. While these tend to be the most cost-effective, they have their pitfalls.

We also offer what’s known as semi-fixed lifts. These are a hybrid of sorts, as they combine the mobility of truly mobile units and the supreme confidence in safety provided by fixed units. This by no means implies portable lifts aren’t safe, but they can be if they’re operated without the wheel locks engaged.

Semi-fixed pool lifts, while their bases permanently mount to the deck, the rest of the unit can be transported away. This allows for the unit to be brought indoors to protect it while not in use. Sunlight, rain, and debris may wear out the unit over time. We recommend mobile units for those who are nervous about having theirs remain out 24/7.

Installation Free Pool Lifts

Lastly, our truly mobile lifts require no installation. If you have a tight backyard, sporadic need, or want to reduce clutter in your yard, these are for you. Simply push the unit out of the way when it isn’t in use.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Between ordering and installation, it can take as little as two days. We maintain quantities of our most popularly asked for lifts and typically deliver the next day if our schedule allows it. Once we start the installation, our techs can have it done in less than three hours most of the time. There’s no need to block off an entire day.

Need a Pool Lift Installation in Orlando?

We have 25 years of experience helping folks like you with pool lifts across Florida. If you have a hard time with getting in and out of your pool, you no longer have to struggle. For a quick, painless installation and delivery, contact us today!

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