Pool Lift Installation St. Augustine

Pool Lifts Installation in St. Augustine

Chronic pain stemming from particular medical conditions can be alleviated by aquatic therapy. However, getting into the pool is challenging for some. Would a pool lift installation benefit your St. Augustine home?

What’s Aqua Therapy?

This is a water-based alternative to traditional forms of exercising but offers protection from pain caused by gravity. The Earth’s gravitational pull applies constant pressure on muscles, telling them how strong they need to be. However, this pressure on compromised joints can make exercise painful.

For the same reasons, it can be hard entering and exiting a pool. Pool chair lifts not only make pool time possible but makes exercising more easily accessible for those suffering from several conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Knee, ankle, and foot injuries
  • Musculoskeletal disease

Another way water therapy helps is by improving balance. Water increases our buoyancy which alleviates stress from your knees, feet, and hips. As much as 75% of the stress you would have on land is negated by being in waist-chest deep water. Lastly, there is little risk of injury, allowing for more elaborate exercises.

How Pool Lifts Make a Difference

While pools are a place for fun and games, getting in and out can be a challenge. The ease of access provided by ADA-compliant pool lifts is unparalleled and allows everyone the ability to partake in the festivities. However, for the following reasons, pool chair lifts can make pool activities safer.

Injury Prevention

Poolside slips and falls can injure those in peak health and those with preexisting conditions, which often get hurt even worse. Arthritic knees are prone to buckling under the stress of taking steps, and slippery surfaces further complicate it.

Furthermore, arthritis pain can make entering and exiting a bother. Arthritis degenerates cartilage in the joints until the cushioning it provides is completely worn away. None or negligent amounts of cartilage leads to bone on bone scrapping, which is the source of arthritic pain, especially in knees where more is demanded of them than other joints.

Pool lifts offer a safe and painless alternative to getting in and out. Instead of climbing down a ladder or treading wet steps, simply sit down. Our mechanized lifts will lower you into the water as well as lift you out. You won’t have to stress your joints any longer!

Schedule Your Pool Lift Installation in St. Augustine!

If you live with pain that makes enjoying your beautiful pool difficult, delay no longer and contact us today for a life of ease! You’ll have the safest pool in the neighborhood that everyone could enjoy.

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