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  • Aqua Creek Admiral Pool Lift


    The ADA Compliant, UL Certified, Admiral™ is an incredibly strong and durable lift. The Admiral™ features a unique, non-rotating design that is for use on in-ground pools and spas. It does not stand too tall and has a very small footprint. This makes it an incredibly solid, durable, and reliable product that blends in with almost any décor.

    The 450-pound (204 kg) weight capacity of this lift provides pool access to an even greater number of swimmers. The adjustable seat height also makes this lift easier to transfer for people in taller wheelchairs.

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  • Aqua Creek Ambassador Pool Lift


    The ADA Compliant, Pro Pool Series, Ambassador Lift is an affordable Pro Pool style lift that can also clear small curbs up to 10-inches high. The lift is a great choice for some raised perimeter pools and spas. Like the other Pro Pool Series Lifts, the low profile and small footprint make this lift easily blend into most any décor. Like the name suggests, the Ambassador is a safe, reliable, and effective promoter of pool access for people of all abilities.

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  • Aqua Creek Mighty 600


    The ADA Compliant, UL Certified, Mighty 600 pool lift is our strongest lift. Like its sister lift, the Mighty 400, the unique patented design provides for a very safe, durable, and reliable lift. Ideal for in-ground pool and spa applications or with the addition of any of the available pedestal options, the Mighty 600 is also a great choice for raised pools and spas. The long reach and heavy weight capacity make this lift a powerhouse and able to accommodate almost any type of user.

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  • Aqua Creek Mighty Voyager Lift


    The ADA Compliant, UL Certified, Mighty Voyager lift is an affordable portable lift that provides access to in-ground and some partially raised pools and spas with curbs or walls up to 10-inches high. The low profile design makes this lift easily blend in at any pool, and being portable, the lift can easily be rolled on its large 6-inch rubber casters to be stored away from the pool without the need for a separate transport cart. The large 15-inch square opening in the ballast cover allows for easy filling and removal of the sand counter-weight through use of a vacuum or bucket if necessary. This lift comes complete with an ADA fixing anchor to meet U.S. Federal ADA regulations.

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  • Aqua Creek Portable Pro Pool 2 Lift


    The Pro Pool Series, Portable Pro 2 lift is an affordable portable lift that provides access to residential in-ground pools and spas. The design of the lift is reflective of the Ranger™ 2 and Admiral™ Lifts and provides for a safe, smooth, and steady out and down operation into the pool. No anchor is needed; the lift is well balanced and when tipped back for transport, it is easily rolled along the pool deck to wherever you may need it.

    This lift will typically function on in ground pools where the pool deck is flush with the top of the pool. It does not clear high curbs or walls around the pool.

    Ships via Truck Freight mostly assembled

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  • Aqua Creek Revolution


    The Revolution™ is an extremely versatile lift. Featuring a 500 lb weight capacity, this lift also comes standard with an adjustable seat pole. This provides additional clearance for short walls and curbs. These features allow this lift to service both above and in ground pools & spas.

    The Revolution™ is designed to be self-operated by the individual user. With an easy to use 4 button handset, the user is able to control all movement and enjoy a fully independent aquatic experience.

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  • Aqua Creek Scout Excel


    The Scout Excel pool lift is an ideal choice for in-ground and partially raised pools and spas. The improved design of this lift incorporates a whisper quiet rotation base with the robust lifting design of its predecessor, the Scout 2. This rotation base gives you more freedom to set the lift further back from the edge of your pool in order to accommodate wider perimeter gutters and/or spa benches.

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  • Aqua Creek Spa Lift Elite


    The Spa Lift Elite™ is a fully powered UL Certified, ADA compliant lift designed especially to provide access to elevated pools & spas. This lift is capable of clearing wall heights up to 68 inches. The Elite offers easy push button operation and 360 degrees of rotation.

    Whether relaxation, rehabilitation, or socialization is your goal, the Spa Lift Elite™ is the solution to stress-free access to your personal backyard or commercial spa. Ideal for swim spas, you can now enjoy increased independence and improved health through the benefits of aquatic exercise.

    Available in your choice of colors; standard white, gray, or tan. Seats and footrests are also available with color options in standard blue, white, gray, and tan. The Elite is also available with a solar charging station and colored covers to match the lift.

    The Elite comes standard with a 5 year structural and 5 year prorated electronics warranty.

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  • Aqua Creek Spa Lift Ultra


    The Spa Lift Ultra is designed to provide access to both residential and commercial elevated pools & spas. This lift is capable of clearing wall heights from 21-inches and up to 51-inches. A full 360 degrees of rotation offers access to almost any area of your pool or spa.

    Gain access to your personal backyard or commercial spa environment while enjoying the benefits of relaxation.

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  • Aqua Creek EZ 2 Pool Lift


    The EZ 2 Lift is an affordable, manually operated lift designed for residential use. The EZ 2 Lift has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds and can accommodate pool wall heights up to 15 inches. This feature makes it ideal for both in and above ground pools. Also great as a boat access lift!

    It is easily portable for storage and/or relocation to another dock or pool area. With its affordability and compact design, this lift is excellent for residential applications. The EZ 2 Lift comes with a mesh sling seat and additional seat options are available.

    Quality stainless steel construction and durable powder coat finish ensure long life and corrosion resistance.

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  • Aqua Creek Power EZ 2 Pool Lift


    The Power EZ 2 Boat Access / Pool Lift offers a battery powered access solution with lifting capabilities up to 400 pounds. An affordable and comfortable sling style seat provides safety and security.

    The Power EZ 2 is easily portable for storage and/or relocation to another dock or pool area. The battery operated lift allows the caregiver to be positioned beside the patient at all times while using the handset control. The Power EZ 2 Pool Lift truly shows the ease in the EZ lift series. Also works great as a dock to boat access lift!

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  • Aqua Creek Ranger 2


    With a longer reach from deck to water and a field reversible design, the Ranger 2 from Aqua Creek builds on the success of the original Ranger pool lift. Able to accommodate a 350-pound weight capacity, the Ranger 2 is perfect for residential, smaller hotels and public facility pools.

    The adjustable footrest, lap belt and flip-up armrests combined with the new reversible design makes getting onto and off the seat easy and versatile. The corded remote features a simple 2 button control designed to be independently operated by the user empowering the user with full control of the lift.

    As a versatile product, the Ranger 2 offers additional anchor options to apply to a wide variety of installation site requirements while still delivering a sleek, low-profile design so as not to detract from the design of the pool area or usable space.

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