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Aqua Creek EZ 2 & Power EZ 2 Anchors


All EZ Series Lifts require an anchor installed into a sturdy deck to function correctly.

We offer several styles of anchors for the EZ/EZ-2 and Power EZ/Power EZ-2 Lifts to accommodate typical concrete decks, paver decks, and even wooden decks. Since these lifts are often used in boat dock applications, we also offer a surface mount anchor to mount to the top of your boat dock.

An anchor extension arm can expand the reach of your EZ/EZ-2 or Power EZ/Power EZ-2 lifts when you are trying to reach out over extra wide perimeter gutters on pools.

Due to the typical use of the Super Power EZ with above ground spas and the height to which it must raise to clear spa walls, the only anchor option offered is for installation into a solid concrete footing.

Since all EZ Series Lifts are manually rotated within the anchor socket, these anchors incorporate a polyester sleeve that makes rotating the lift much smoother and easier.

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Concrete, Paver, Surface Mount, Wood Deck, Elkhorn Adapter, Extended Reach