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Standard Installation (Concrete Deck)


Pool Lift Specialist will work with the homeowner to understand the specific mobility needs of the user to ensure that the most suitable Aqua Creek Pool Lift is installed.  Our Certified Insured Installers will ensure that ADA Guidelines for Pool Lift placement and installation are met.

The Installer will work with you to find the best location that is both aesthetically pleasing to you the client and in accordance with functional guidelines.

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The seat centerline should be 16” away from the edge of the pool and have a clear space of at least 36” on the opposite side and in front of the seat.  Our licensed and insured installers will ensure that the seat will be submerged by a minimum of 18” below the water level.

With a standard pool lift installation, the concrete deck will be core drilled and the Pool Lift anchors will be installed. 

Once the installation is completed our Licensed Installer will test the lift and walk the user and/or homeowner through a brief tutorial on the use and care of their new mobility pool lift.