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Aqua Creek Super Power EZ Pool Lift


Not ADA Compliant

The Super Power EZ pool lift offers the perfect solution for access to above ground pools with up to 58 inches of wall clearance. With the correct anchoring, the Super Power EZ can be installed on either concrete or wooden surfaces giving the option for installation at either poolside or dockside locations.

With a stainless steel construction and a powder coat finish, this pool lift is durable ensuring a long life and corrosion resistance even when used in harsh environments.

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  • 400 lb (181 kg) weight capacity
  • Setback range 21″ – 24″ (53.5 – 60.5 cm)
  • Max wall height clearance 58″ wall
  • Clearances vary by wall height & width
  • Adjustable stainless steel chains
  • Durable mesh sling seat 38″ x 20″
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Water resistant handset
  • Rechargeable battery with wall mount charger
  • One year warranty on sling
  • Five year pro-rated electronics warranty
  • Five year structural warranty


The Super Power EZ Pool Lift is able to lift up to 400 pounds in settings that do not require ADA compliance. A fully automatic actuator is able to raise and lower the lift with a 360 degree range of manual rotation.


This lift is easily portable and can be quickly removed for storage or for relocation to another area.

Additional information

Weight 148 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 31 × 38 in