Spa Lift

ADA Compliant & Easy-to-Use Spa Lift

If you’re considering a personal spa lift, you’re looking for an easier time getting in and out of your spa. Whether it be age, health, or other reasons, getting into your pool or spa can be a pain. This is why we’re happy to offer those in need an ADA Compliant & Easy-to-Use Spa Lift!

Easy to Use Lifts

No matter the spa lift, its goal is to make getting in and out easier and safer. We have many lifts that allow for solo use, while others need a helper. Depending on your needs, we can even custom order one if that would be a better fit for your needs.

Models such as the Aqua Creek Mighty 400 are great choices for those with gripping difficulties. These are incredibly convenient for those with arthritis, tendonitis, and multiple sclerosis. While not limited to those conditions, any upper body ability would benefit from these to use models.

Lifting and lowering with a push of a button. No longer tread steps; instead, you need to have a seat and use the controller. The corded remote of this model is long enough to allow for easy use while fully submerged.

Other options such as the Aqua Creek EZ 2 sport a crank handle that must be rotated to operate the lift. These don’t allow for solo use but could be the more affordable option. Despite the downfall, they are still great for spas, pools, and hot tubs.

Looking for an ADA Compliant & Easy-to-Use Spa Lift?

If you need help ordering your first pool lift or have any questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you decide on which lift is best for your situation.

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