Swimming Pool Lift Chairs

Does your swimming pool need a chair lift? Pool chair lifts make it easy for all to take a dip in the pool, no matter their abilities. The ease and comfort afforded from our chair lifts are unparalleled elsewhere.

Are Pool Chair Lifts Safe?

Pool chair lifts are very safe! You are much more likely to injure yourself entering or exiting a pool without using a lift than while using one. Pool lifts are effortless to use, all you need to do is sit down, and the lift will gently lower you into the pool or carefully lift you out.


Some lifts even come with seatbelts to further add to the provided safety. Even if the user is a bit restless, the sturdy restraint will hold them in place until they reach their destination. On top of that, our lifts offer 360 degrees of rotation, which will never require awkward positioning to get onto the seat.


Not only are they comfortable to get in, but they’re also equally comfortable to sit on. Our padded chair lifts ensure you cannot harm yourself or feel any discomfort over the many years of use.

Are There Different Types of Lifts?

We own a dynamic inventory with versatile products that are sure to do what you need of them. Depending on your needs, you may not want to opt for the traditionally installed units, which permanently mount to the side of your pool. But you don’t need to settle for that.

Mobile Chair Lifts

As the name suggests, these units are not permanently mounted, allowing you to move them as needed. The portability of these gives a new level of comfortability as you aren’t stuck to one defined location.

If You Need a Swimming Pool Chair Lift

Look no further than the experts that make us Pool Lift Specialists. We take pride in installing our ADA-compliant pool chair lifts for safe and reliable use in your backyard. If you could benefit from a lift, contact us to see how to get set up.

Our Mission Statement​

To enhance the lives of individuals of all abilities by giving them access to water for recreation, fitness and therapy.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to improve the life styles of individuals with all abilities by making water activities accessible to all.