man using a pool lift chair after lift chair mechanism installation

How A Pool Lift Chair Mechanism Installation Works

If you own or manage a business pool or spa, such as a swim club, hotel, or resort, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates the installation of a pool lift to help persons with disabilities. Let’s learn more about lift chair mechanism installation. 

You may start installing the pool lift once you’ve chosen your installation site. Each pool lift has its own set of criteria. So, make sure you know how each type of pool lift works before purchasing one. 

pool lift chair ready for use after lift chair mechanism installation

Retrofitting or Installing a New Pool Lift 

The installation requirements will vary depending on the kind of pool lift you choose. A single post slips into an anchor socket on certain lifts. Other lifts feature a ‘Jig’ plate with three or four bolts protruding from the concrete. 

Using a hole saw and epoxy, many pool lift types may be retrofitted. Drill numerous big holes in the pool deck, then fill the gaps with 2-part epoxy sealant to bind the mounting plate to the deck. 

This hole saw installation is complex because the mounting plate or anchor socket must be glued under local laws. 

Pouring a Lift Pad for a Pool 

A jig is required for some pool lifts, which must be built in extra-thick concrete (6-8 inches thick). Because most pool decks are just 4 inches wide, you’ll need to mark out the required area and cut it off using a concrete saw. Remove the rubble by breaking it up with a sledgehammer or jackhammer. 

Remove the gravel and dig 4-8 inches down (be careful of pipes and conduit). Install four rebar rods two inches from the bottom of your slab and four more two inches from the top, going in opposite directions. If feasible, attach the rebar to the existing deck and your mounting plate to the grid. 

Place your bonded mounting jig or post anchor into the cement bed at the proper time and depth. Pour concrete until it reaches the desired thickness. While curing, keep the jig level. Finish the surface by feathering up to the jig or post’s edge. 

Getting Your Pool Lift Bonded 

Most places will require that the pool lift be connected to the pool’s bonding grid, which is a bare copper wire that goes around the pool and connects the pool shell, lights, ladders, and rails. 

In most situations, the mounting jig or post anchor will come with a bonding lug that must be linked to an existing bonding loop, or the mounting plate may be bonded to the pool deck rebar grid. 

Connecting the bonding wire to a pool lift post or jig with a hole saw may need some imagination and involve running under the deck to the edge. In contrast, it is quicker to make the bonding connection if you remove the old pad and replace it with a new pad. 

If a proper connection is required, an electrician knowledgeable with local bonding standards for swimming pools should be contracted or employed.

lift chair mechanism installation successfully done

Want to Know How a Pool Lift Chair Mechanism Installation Works? 

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind before you buy a pool lift: 

  1. Make sure you have a suitable site in mind. 
  1. Before you buy a pool lift, make sure you read the installation manual thoroughly. 
  1. In compliance with local and national norms, plan to bond the elevator. 

As an installation guide, these are a few essential takeaways for lift chair mechanism installation. Finally, it’s a good idea to verify with your local county official or inspector before installation to ensure that your site, installation, and bonding are all approved. 

If you need someone to do all the heavy lifting, call Pool Lift Specialists. We can help you install any type of pool lift for your swimming pools. 

swimming pool lift chairs

What to Look Out for When Buying Swimming Pool Lift Chairs

What about pool lifts do you need to know? Swimming pool lift chairs have been developed for safe and easy operation. Some types may be operated independently with hand-held controllers, and some might have solar-powered accessories. 

That said, the majority of the lifts advised are operated with the help of another person. Proper installation and installation of portable and stationary pool lifts might seem difficult, so we propose expert support. 

pool with swimming pool lift chairs

Features That Should Be Considered While Selecting Lift Chairs 

Support For Disability: Moderate Or Serious? 

All pool lifts provide temporary help to and from the swimming pool. Additional support devices such as head or footrests may not be essential for those with modest impairments such as arthritis or weaker lower bodies to enter or leave. 

This means that many pool lifts are intended for individuals who do not have a complete range of movement and who cannot control their limbs fully. These people would have a lift chair with a back, armrests, support for the neck and leg, and a safe strapping system. 

Capacity For Weight: Standard or Bariatric? 

All pool lifts are compatible with ADA, however, some of the suggestions are for usage in bariatric applications of up to 450 pounds. 

Location Installation: Movable or Fixed? 

While a resource in public pools is regularly used, some customers may choose a pool lift that is not permanently installed. These persons typically opt to move and store lifts when not in use. 

Others want a device that can be put at one additional point once and utilized at any time – no extra installation or conveyance is necessary. 

Visual Style: Subtle or Advanced? 

Swimming pool lift chairs come in a range of forms and many provide elegant, attractive, low-profile lifts that will not make your pool deck more peaceful. Other pool lifts occupy a little more room by nature. 

Details of the design, including rotating systems and the lift fixture, all contribute to the esthetics of your pool lift. For people who want more help with a lift, consider extra features as they are visibly translated. 

Source of Power: Manual, Hydraulic, or Battery? 

There are three alternatives to determine the source of power that operates your pool lift: manually hand-cranked, hydraulic, and battery-operated. 

Portable pool lifts, thanks to their self-contained construction, are powered by batteries and recharge between uses when connected to a power source. 

Permanent lifts can be powered by hydraulics or batteries, with few operations using manual strength in full.  

pool with swimming pool lift chairs

Looking to Buy Swimming Pool Lift Chairs? 

All swimming pool lift chairs feature long-lasting seats. Some are built of robust mesh and others of solid plastic. Different versions with headrests, footrests, armrests, and cushioned lumbar backrests are easy to customize. 

The variety of the lift is governed largely by the lift arm. The lift arm can transport you from the platform into the pool while you are sitting in the sling or modular seat. 

When selecting the one that is suitable for you, it is important to examine the weight capacity of different types of pool lifts because they are quite varied. 

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